A Loving Community of Spirit & Service

New Thought Philadelphia is a non-denominational spiritual community anchored in the ancient wisdom of all of the great traditions. We're open to all, and dedicated to helping each participant more deeply experience Love, Joy and fellowship by living and learning Universal Principles.

Spiritual, not religious

There is no scripture or dogma: We believe that there is One Creative Power in the Universe that creates everything - including each of us. And that we each use this same Creative Power to create our life. It’s not a secret! These proven techniques to healing, harmony and the life we desire are summarized and explained in clear, everyday language free of dogma or limitation.

Our new life begins with a new thought.

You’ll find…

  • Total, loving acceptance in a deep and diverse community
  • A positive environment promoting personal growth
  • A practical, spiritual teaching embracing all people, faiths and spiritual paths
  • A way to access the Power Within… and to make a difference with your life!

Unleash your creative potential in Spirit and service

  • Classes & Workshops
  • Seminars & Lectures
  • Events & Concerts
  • Youth & Teen programs
  • Small groups & outreach

Our spiritual community is founded on a New Thought philosophy to help each of us lead a spiritual life, think positively, and love deeply. We incorporate scientific affirmative prayer, meditation, healing, life visioning, experiential learning and other spiritual tools to experience our awareness of the in-dwelling Spirit.

We teach that there is only One Power - the power of Love, which is the power of God.

  • That there is an all-powerful Creative Law that responds to our thinking. “It is done unto you as you believe”.
  • That Spirit is the Source of ever flowing, unlimited good. Its nature is to give, but through the spiritual Law of Attraction it gives only as much as we are open to receiving.
  • That there is a thread of Spiritual Truth that weaves through the world’s Faith traditions. Among these threads we understand that the Oneness of God is found in Its creation and that the power of Love heals.
  • That this is a “science” since it is based on spiritual principles as impersonal as gravity and electricity and - aware or not, we are using them constantly.

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