Discover a Practical Spirituality

We each create our life according to our beliefs using the proven techniques of Practical Spirituality. These keys to healing, harmony and the life we desire are the same principles used in every religion and spiritual practice all over the world, summarized and explained in clear, everyday language free of dogma or limitation.

We believe that there is only One Power - the power of Love, which is the power of God.

  • There is an all-powerful Creative Law that responds to our thinking. “It is done unto you as you believe”.
  • Spirit is the Source of ever flowing, unlimited good. Its nature is to give, but through the spiritual Law of Attraction it gives only as much as we are open to receiving.
  • There is a thread of Spiritual Truth that weaves through the world’s Faith traditions. Among these threads we understand that the Oneness of God is found in Its creation and that the power of Love heals.
  • This is a “science” since it is based on spiritual principles as impersonal as gravity and electricity and - aware or not, we are using them constantly.

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