Adventurous Ministers seek spiritually daring souls. If Sat. nite didn't go well, see us Sunday morning. 10:30 at 118 S. 37th St. Open to all. Spiritual, not religious.

Free coffee. Free bagels. Free parking.

Above is the "personal ad" we've run in local publications. If you're here because you found us through the ad, we've been waiting for you - welcome.

New Thought Philadelphia is an "un-church". We have no dogma - nothing anyone needs to believe in order to take part. Every Sunday there's a Celebration of Life, with awesome live music by an immensely talented group of local singers, songwriters and musicians. There's a meditation and an inspirational talk by one of our spiritual directors or a nationally-known guest.

Poke around the web site. Sign up for our weekly zero-spam newsletter. And come by on Sunday - we'll save you a bagel and a seat.

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