Practical Prayer Works

Joe Mitchell on the Practical Prayer Workshop

I want to commend Bill and Dave for their remarkable workshop on Practical Prayer at the Kalyana Centre several weeks ago.  The workshop was extremely practical and I was able to put the content to immediate use.

Several weeks before the workshop, I had created a very ambitious monetary goal which I wasn't so sure I would reach.  They helped me to revise and improve the wording (and thus the power) of the goal and gave me some great suggestions for how to keep it on my mind, how to burn it into the subconscious and how to give it to God.  I went on to exceed that goal, which made me very proud.  I am now a humble student of practical prayer.   Bill and Dave's workshop helped me to get where I wanted to go and showed me a formula for achieving all my big goals.  I thank you two for teaching this powerful stuff.

Joseph S. Mitchell III, Esquire
"Your Harvard Attorney"