New Thought Philadelphia is a loving Community of Spirit & service.

  • Spirit is our awareness of our connection to the Infinite - the creative Power that has created everything, and continues to create.
  • Service is the way that we channel that Power to bring more good into the lives of those around us.
  • Self denotes our personal, individual capacity to embody that Power. We are each a balance of Spirit & service bringing Love into our lives.

Each individual in our group is on encouraged to share the passions, joys and insight that are part of his or her path with others. We do this through our public Celebrations and programs, educational activities like classes & workshops, and through volunteer activities that support New Thought Philadelphia and others in the larger community around us.

It's also fun, with small groups that meet for social, recreational and adventure activities. Want a spiritual group for hiking, or scuba diving, or knitting, or dinner? Start one - we'll help!

Life Visioning

Life Visioning was created by Rev. Dr. Michael Beckwith, founder of the Agape International Spiritual Center in Los Angeles. The process is described in his book "Life Visioning" and several other publications that area available in our online store. New Thought Philadelphia also offers a six-week class on the Life Visioning process.

Run to Agape

It's 2,705 miles from our theater in Center City Philadelphia to Agape's home in Culver City, CA. Members of the Fit Club are tracking and converting their form of exercise, activity or healthy choices to miles as we join togther on our journey to greater health, vitality and well-being.

There are stops along the way at some of our other favorite spiritual communities, including...

Miles Center City ST
7.7 Joyful Gathering Spiritual Center Westmont NJ
12.5 Center for Conscious Living Moorestown NJ
33 Center for Joyful Living Wilmington DE
117 Columbia Center for Spiritual Living Columbia MD
241 New Thought New York Charlton NY
510 Charlotte Spiritual Living Center Charlotte NC
745 Bodhi Spiritual Center Chicago IL
804 Nashville Center for Spiritual Living Nashville TN
822 Spiritual Living of Greater Milwaukee Milwaukee WI
1706 Mile Hi Church Lakewood CO
2705 Agape International Spiritual Center Culver City CA

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