New Thought Philadelphia Teen Group

We meet twice a month for bonding, sharing and interactive experiential workshop activities.

The group is led by the teens, with support from the adult Advisor volunteers. The group has the authority and accountability to refine the Sunday program, identify other opportunities to meet, consider service projects to engage with the wider community, and so forth.

The group is open to teens ages 13-18. There is some flexibility for those who are soon to turn 13 - just ask! We also welcome adult Advisors and Advisors-in-training.

Nature's Cathedral

NTP Teens at Wissahickon Creek

Members of the New Thought Philadelphia teen group at "Nature's Cathedral" aside Wissahickon Creek.

Northeast Teens Intention

The intention of our Teen program is to create a safe and supportive environment in which each teen participant is able to experience unconditional Love free of judgment, to express themselves openly, and to deepen into a greater awareness of their own spiritual nature.

Teen Code of Conduct

The Notheast Teens program is dedicated to the purpose of self-discovery through the ever-expanding awareness of the indwelling Presence of God. The teens are preparing for the responsibilities of life through the teaching and practice of the fundamental wisdom expressed in New Thought teaching.

Age Requirements for Teens

Our guidelines are somewhat flexible.

In a nutshell, spiritual groups and Centers that run Teen and Tween programs let kids join the Teen group when they'll be 13 in time for the next major regional event, six months before the event so they have lead-up time with their home group. In practice, we do Initiations as soon as we get back from a regional event for everyone who will be 13 for the next one.