Saturday April 28 Wokshop: Highwatch - the Teaching of Emma Curtis Hopkins

Connect with the power and mystical revelations of this New Thought pioneer.

10am - 4:30pm in University City

There is mystical power in Emma’s language, as it goes to a place within that is deeper than the intellect, beginning a process of profound transformation. Through this powerful workshop, you will experience the conviction and energy of Emma. Highwatch is a breakthrough work that will allow you to step through the veil to a deeper understanding of Principle and of yourself. You will embody the same consciousness that inspired her students to change the world, through the founding of Religious Science, Unity, Divine Science, and many more.

UteMariaCedillaRev. Ute Maria Cedilla is a noted and passionate authority on the teachings of Emma Curtis Hopkins. She is a Religious Science and Interfaith Minister, and has published a compilation of "High Mysticism" and "Resumé" entitled "Highwatch, the Mysticism of Emma Curtis Hopkins".

Ute Maria is an Agent for Conscious Evolution, and the focus of her ministry, Highwatch Spiritual Living, is “Shifting into Oneness.”

Morning session

Seeds of Greatness, The Life and Legacy of Emma Curtis Hopkins
An introduction to Emma Curtis Hopkins, an early, visionary mystic of the New Thought Movement – explore her life, her work, her students, and her influence on the New Thought movement.

Afternoon Session

A Journey Through the Twelve Gates of "High Mysticism"
Rev. Ute Maria teaches from her extensive knowledge of the Mysticism of Emma Curtis Hopkins. There is mystical power in Emma’s language. It goes to a place within that is deeper than the intellect, beginning a process of profound transformation.

Closing Session

The Radiant I Am
This is a powerful experience of the 12 steps of Emma’s mystical prayer, The Radiant I Am. The end of the day will be interactive and fun, as we pick cards, read, and share from the place of our own intuition.

Location & Time

We'll gather at the Tabernacle United Church on the Penn campus in University City. It's a beautiful space at 3700 Chestnut St. that adjoins the New Thought Philly Sunday Celebration space.


There is on-street parking for $2/hour, but you'll have to feed the meter after 2-3 hours. Garages and lots are available in the area area for as little as $10 for the whole day.

  • $13 (closest) - University of Pennsylvania self-park lot at 3810 Sansom St (bet. S 38 St-S 39 St)
  • $10 - LAZ 3711 Market Street Garage at 3793 Filbert St (bet. N 36th St-N 38th St)
  • A handy parking website for University City

Potluck Lunch

Lunch will be a time for potluck sharing - bring a dish you'd care to share. If you want to travel light, you can add a lunch to your registration for $10.

Event Flyer

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