We offer a variiety of classes, workshops and educataional seminars to help students at all levels deepen into their awareness of Spirit and create the life you desire.

Radical Forgiveness class

Heal your mind, body and soul – AND gain mastery over your life.

Four Sunday afternoons: October 22 - November 12
1:00 - 3:30pm

Revs. Bill Marchiony & Dave Schpok
CA House, 118 S. 37th St. in Universtity City

Radical Forgiveness is s NOT just warmed-over traditional forgiveness. Radical Forgiveness is nothing less than a really fast way of healing your mind, body and soul – AND giving you mastery over your life. This experiential class, based on the book Radical Forgiveness by Colin Tipping, focuses on empowering us to release the past and awaken to our Spiritual Truth.

Tuition: $100
TextbookRadical Forgiveness – Colin Tipping

Beyond Limits class

A foundational class in New Thought/Ancient Wisdom

Thursday evenings for 10 weeks
7 - 9:30pm:
Sept. 28 - Dec. 7 (no class on Oct. 3)
"Practical Prayer for Real Results" workshop Saturday October 14

It's not a secret! These are the same principles used in every religion and spiritual practice all over the world, summarized and explained in clear, everyday language free of dogma or limitation.

Practical Prayer for Real Results Workshop

An afternoon of Practical Spirituality

Saturday, October 14 12:30-5pm
Fee: $25 in advance ($30 at the door)
Location: CA House, 118 S. 37th Street, Philadelphia

In this one day workshop you’ll learn the scientifically-proven steps of effective affirmative prayer that are common to virtually all of the world’s religions and spiritual practices. They’re explained in clear, everyday language that’s free of dogma or limitation. The result is a practical formula for effective prayer that works for anyone of any faith or belief. No previous experience necessary.

Love like Jesus – Meditate like Buddha – Pray like Mohammed – Believe like Moses

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