Roots of New Thought Class

Advanced class

Tuesday evenings for 10 weeks
7 - 9:30pm:
Beginning in June

This ten week class explores the roots of New Thought that run deep and wide, through the religions, philosophies, literature, legend, and science of humankind.  During this class you will explore the writings and ideas of the early giants in the early New Thought Movement.

  • Ralph Waldo Emerson
  • Judge Thomas Troward
  • Emma Curtis Hopkins
  • Ernest Holmes

Through each of their works you will gain unique insights into the nature of God, man, and the Creative Process approached from the intellectual, feeling, and mystical perspective.

Prerequisite: Beyond Limits (or equivalent and permission of instructors). This is a required class for Practical Prayer Practitioner studies.

Tuition: $235 (SAVE with early registration: $215 )

Books are available at the class, at booksellers and online. Several are in the public domain, and can be accessed free of charge using the links below.

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Students will also need a three-ring binder for class materials.

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