Unexpected Income Club

We live in an abundant Universe, and each of us shares in the infinite richness that exisits everywhere. Take part in the Unexpected Income program to immerse yourself even more deeply in the flow of abundant Good.

Here's how it works...

Sign up for the program online or at our weekly Celebration. Every day, our ministers are adding a Practical Prayer to their spiritual pracitce. They set the intention for more prosperity to flow joyously into your life in the form of income you are not already expecting. You'll do the same prayer, too, and continue through the end of the program on July 4th.

When unexpected income shows up in your life, you agree to donate 10% of it to New Thought Philadelphia as a tax-deductible contribution. The other 90%, you can spend, save, or share.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do you know if money you receiver qualifies as Unexpected Income?
A: It's unexpected. You'll know.

Q: What happens if I get Unexpected Income, but don't donate the 10%?
A: This is a spiritual practice of Oneness. The power that's bringing the money to you is part of a flow, which will continue unless you stop it.

Q: How do I calculate the 10%?
A: Move the decimal point one number to the left.

Daily Practical Prayer

I recognize and acknowledge the Abundant Nature of the Universe. It is the limitless Creative Source of good - eternally sharing Its energy and substance.

I am aware of my Divine Nature, part of this one Creation, and that I am completely connected with the Infinite supply of Good. I open myself to the full support of this Goodness, joyously receiving abundant income from unexpected sources to use and share for the fulfillment of all my desires. With gratitude for the Divine flow of prosperity in my life, I release this Prayer to the Law knowing that the creative Law responds with a resounding YES.

And so it is.

Here's a recording of the prayer..


Click here to download it for your phone or mp3 player.


  • I gratefully accept the Prayer support of New Thought Philadelphia and commit myself to an active awareness of Spirit as the Source of all my Good.
  • I commit to reading aloud the daily prayer and acknowledging the flow of unexpected income to me from all sources as gifts and income.
  • I commit myself to tithe 10% of all unexpected income to New Thought Philadelphia for the duration of the Unexpected Income Program knowing that as I give, I do receive.

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