Teen Code of Conduct

The Notheast Teens program is dedicated to the purpose of self-discovery through the ever-expanding awareness of the indwelling Presence of God. The teens are preparing for the responsibilities of life through the teaching and practice of the fundamental wisdom expressed in New Thought teaching.

Observance of the Code of Conduct assists in this preparation. It is the purpose of the Northeast Teen program to translate these ideals intolife experience  in the realm of truth, worship and play.

Each participant is expected to comply with the following standards set by the group:

1.    Bed check hour shall be observed by all.
2.    Respect shall be shown for all public and private property.
3.    Displays of affection will be kept in the bounds of good taste usually accepted for public gatherings.
4.    Smoking for adults only will be permitted in designated areas stipulated by Camp/Facility rules.
5.    Attendance is required at all activities and the teens shall remain on the premises at all times.
6.    The visiting of girls’ sleeping areas by boys and vice-versa is prohibited.
7.    Any infraction of the Code shall subject the offender to appear before the Leadership Team for appropriate action.
8.    Ground Rules of the host facility shall be observed.
9.    No drugs or alcohol permitted on premises or in possession of youth or adult.

Standards of Conduct:

As a participant in the New Thought Northeas Teen Program, I will conduct myself in a way that will exemplify the highest ideals of our spiritual community and uphold the standards of conduct as stated above.