Ministries are the ogranized activities of our community with the intention of bringing more Love, more joy, more prosperity and Good to all involved.

We currently host a Celebration ministry, creating the Sunday program and other events. Our Education minisrty conducts classes, workshops, seminars. The Teen ministry hosts ongoing activities with the youth in our community, and the Practial Prayer ministry is devoted to healing through spiritual growth. Many other groups - large and small - take part in a variety of activities throughout our community.

Age Requirements for Teens

Our guidelines are somewhat flexible.

In a nutshell, spiritual groups and Centers that run Teen and Tween programs let kids join the Teen group when they'll be 13 in time for the next major regional event, six months before the event so they have lead-up time with their home group. In practice, we do Initiations as soon as we get back from a regional event for everyone who will be 13 for the next one.

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