New Thought Philadelphia is a loving Community of Spirit & service.

  • Spirit is our awareness of our connection to the Infinite - the creative Power that has created everything, and continues to create.
  • Service is the way that we channel that Power to bring more good into the lives of those around us.
  • Self denotes our personal, individual capacity to embody that Power. We are each a balance of Spirit & service bringing Love into our lives.

Each individual in our group is on encouraged to share the passions, joys and insight that are part of his or her path with others. We do this through our public Celebrations and programs, educational activities like classes & workshops, and through volunteer activities that support New Thought Philadelphia and others in the larger community around us.

It's also fun, with small groups that meet for social, recreational and adventure activities. Want a spiritual group for hiking, or scuba diving, or knitting, or dinner? Start one - we'll help!


We are a community of Spirit, Self, and Service. Each one participates to the extent that is comfortable in supporting his or her own growth and deepening. Through classes, workshops, Sunday celebrations, felowship, and small group activites we connect and grow together.

A new Spiritual family

Thank you so much for a wonderful Life Visioning class! It truly has been the highlight of my life for the last few weeks and I am looking forward to the next course offering! I feel as if I have found a new spiritual family and I am happy that I have been welcomed with open arms.

- Laurie S.

Practical Prayer Works

Joe Mitchell on the Practical Prayer Workshop

I want to commend Bill and Dave for their remarkable workshop on Practical Prayer at the Kalyana Centre several weeks ago.  The workshop was extremely practical and I was able to put the content to immediate use.

Facebook auto-post

We're implementing a new software service that will keep the Facebook and web pages in sync. Hooray for technology!

The Reminder I Needed

Thank you for right-on-time New Years' God call. I was just getting anxious looking at the to do list items I did not complete!!!!!!!

 - C.S.

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