Ministries are the ogranized activities of our community with the intention of bringing more Love, more joy, more prosperity and Good to all involved.

We currently host a Celebration ministry, creating the Sunday program and other events. Our Education minisrty conducts classes, workshops, seminars. The Teen ministry hosts ongoing activities with the youth in our community, and the Practial Prayer ministry is devoted to healing through spiritual growth. Many other groups - large and small - take part in a variety of activities throughout our community.

Saturday April 28 Wokshop: Highwatch - the Teaching of Emma Curtis Hopkins

Connect with the power and mystical revelations of this New Thought pioneer.

10am - 4:30pm in University City

There is mystical power in Emma’s language, as it goes to a place within that is deeper than the intellect, beginning a process of profound transformation. Through this powerful workshop, you will experience the conviction and energy of Emma. Highwatch is a breakthrough work that will allow you to step through the veil to a deeper understanding of Principle and of yourself. You will embody the same consciousness that inspired her students to change the world, through the founding of Religious Science, Unity, Divine Science, and many more.


Become a member of New Thought Philadelphia.

You'll join your intention and energy to a like-minded community of loving, welcoming souls whose purpose is to bring more light, more Love, more goodness and healing to their lives and the lives of those they touch.

Every Sunday

We gather from 10:30-11:45 at the CA House, 118 S. 37th Street on the UPenn campus (bet. Chestnut & Sansom).

Silent meditation begins at 10:10.

Each Celebration is a blend of inspiring words, personal spiritual practice and fellowship with bright Lights of Divine Love just like you. It's a hands-on approach to make the concepts of Practical Spirituality accessible in a powerful and personal way.


Sunday Mar 25: "Spiritual Balance"

RhettaMorgan 160

With all the things that we do, we can sometimes loose sight of what we are - centers of creative consciousness. When the chatter and noise of life drown out our inherent poise we become disconnected from the source of all good. Rev. Dave explores the importance of grounding ourselves in spiritual practice to create a life of joy and prosperity.

Live, original music by Rev. Rhetta Morgan.

Rev. Bill Marchiony anchors the celebration in meditation and Practical Prayer.

Notes for our Musicians

This information is provided as guidance for our visiting musicians. Please be sure to communicate directly with the Production Team about the details of your appearance

Our weekly Celebration generally has six songs.

The Celebration follows an energetic flow based on Theory U. We consider you to be the musical member of the team that's bringing the message and sense of spiritual connection to the congregation. You can use your own music or covers, or whatever combination works best. If you have an idea or a question, please share it!

TheCelebrationCycleWe print a weekly program/order of service that includes song titles and lyrics for congregational/sing alongs. Please get the song list us no later than Thursday.

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