You Are Perfect, Now

Our culture has ideas of right and wrong, of good and bad, and other judgments. There are shared ideas of beauty, of prosperity, of ethics and values, and so forth. These are all real and they are quite superficial. The Truth we are uncovering is the realization that everything is part of a single creation. Everything is God. Everything is Love. And everything is perfect, just as it is.

The changes we are creating through this prayer work are not to take something “bad” and make it “good”; our work, instead, is to accept the good that is already at hand, accept that it is already part of the Infinite One, and to create a new experience which fits more harmoniously with our desires. Some people like chocolate and others like vanilla. This process is about putting each together with their favored flavor.

Healing Prayer & Spiritual Counselling

Practical Prayer activates the Truth of who we are as individualized expressions of Spirit. Through practice of this scientific form of prayer, we enter an energetic vibration that anchors our awareness in our essential perfection and oneness with the I Am Presence of the Self.

Professionals available for spiritual counseling sessions

"Practical Prayer for Real Results" Book

by Rev. Bill Marchiony

A Practical Prayer is a one that is answered.

PracticalPrayerforRealResults-160Practical Prayer works for anyone, regardless of their religious background or experience. The clearly defined sequence of steps for Practical Prayer described in this book are distilled from a common thread found in the spiritual practices of religions and disciplines all over the world.

God Calls

God Calls are your reminder that the Bright Light of God's Love is shining right now - as YOU! It's a simple way to pause in your daily activity for a gentle and uplifting moment of Truth.

The Calls go out  every couple of days - between 8:15am and 6pm. You can listen live, or play them back from your voicemail. It's not a conversation, and you needn't respond in any way. Just listen, and let the Love wash over you.

Try it free for two weeks, or give God Calls as a gift.